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Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme

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Riding on the global startup scene, GEIP immerses student interns in overseas startup companies. If you want to experience startup life and enjoy its fast-paced culture, this may be the internship for you! Know what it's like working at a startup, build networks early with successful entrepreneurs and startup community.

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Global Entrepreneurial Internship

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Here are the things you will go through if you apply for GEIP:

1. Apply & send in resume*
2. Conversation with GIA
3. Chat with country partner
4. Interview #2 with company
5. Final placement
6. Administrative preparation
7. Ready to fly!**

Application is open. Apply online by 5 May 2019 Sunday, 2359hr.

*Refer to our sample resume
**Provided you pass all interviews and your visa is approved.


1. I want to go for GEIP! How do I know if I qualify?

There are two rounds of application for April and October semesters. You should be in one of the categories below.

Semester For Whom?
April For students taking internship in 3.1 Current Year 2.2 students
October For students taking internship in 3.2 Current Year 3.1 students

All eligible students are welcome to apply for GEIP. If you're willing to work (hard) overseas for 6 months, have a good attitude, show initiative/ creativity or have started your own interest venture, business etc., you may be one of our several interns flying overseas to work!

2. I'm confused. Do I need to take my acad school�s internship and also take GEIP, if I am selected?

GEIP replaces your school internship in 3.1 or 3.2.

3. I know I need to write reports as part of my internship. If I am confirmed in GEIP, who do I submit my internship reports to?

You will still submit your academic internship report to your internship supervisor. For the Young Talent Programme (YTP) report, you will submit it to GIA.

4. Can I choose the country / company I wish to intern in? I wish to work somewhere I feel comfortable at.

While we seek to ensure you are comfortable in the country you are placed in, GIA and our partner company make the final decision. You will be assessed whether you are a fit for the company and what they require in an intern. Shortlisted applicants need to go through a first round of interview with GIA. This is followed by interviews with the overseas companies GIA has allocated you tentatively based on your skillsets and soft skills displayed at the first round of interview.

(Note: GIA's tentative allocation of students to a country/ company does NOT equal a confirmed placement. You still have to go through interviews with the overseas company).

5. It's so exciting working overseas! But I do not have enough money. What kind of support/ allowance/ grant will I receive from this programme?

GEIP is heavily subsidised. Depending on the city and company you will intern at, the structures will differ. More details will be provided once you are confirmed in the programme. You may also be eligible for YTP funding if your minimum GPA overall is 2.5 and above.

6. Can I use Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) to fund my living expenses for the GEIP?

PSEA cannot be used to support your expenses for GEIP. Refer to question 5.

7. How much will I get for my monthly allowance?

You will be given a monthly allowance that is sufficient for the duration of your overseas internship. Every city has different living standards and each company pays interns different allowance rates. Generally, you will be provided allowance that covers your daily living expenses. Visa, flight and housing allowance will be covered by GIA. In short, your monthly allowance is city-specific.

8. Do I need to fulfill any academic commitments to qualify for GEIP?

To work overseas for GEIP, you would need to pass all modules for that current semester.

9. If I have gone for Overseas Merit Fellowship, can I go for GEIP?

You will not be eligible for GEIP.

10. How about if I have gone for TFI SCALE, can I still go for GEIP?

Yes, you are still eligible for GEIP.

11. Can anyone apply for GEIP?

GEIP is open for application to all students who are Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents. See question 1 for more on this.