Wonderful Jakarta

Jakarta In A Second

Food Price of Big Mac: SG$5.29 (est.)
Language Bahasa Indonesia
Time 1 hour behind Singapore
Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Essential Apps Transport: Go-Jek/ Grab
Food Delivery: Gofood (Trust us, you will need this!)
Telco: myXL
Communication: Google Translate

Jakarta Footprints

Our interns have worked at these places in Jakarta:


Your ecommerce site for intimate products.


Tech-logistics company to automate big goods distribution.


SaaS provider for the healthcare industry.


"One of the 9 fintech startups shaking up Indonesia's piggy banks."

What Our Interns Say About GEIP

Eugene Chua

International Business Studies
Intern at Grab Indonesia

Open up your mind.

"I listened to Indonesian audiobooks and guides regularly to better understand my colleagues and increase efficiency of my work at Grab. Have a chat with the local drivers. You'll see Grab has created a disruptive app, creating millions of employment opportunities for locals to support their families. Work opportunities are scarce and Grab changed their situation. This journey developed my adaptability and widened my perspective of opportunities in a developing country."

Hor En Yi, Sheryl

Product Design & Innovation
Intern at Fabelio

Breaking barriers, igniting passion.

"I worked closely with local manufacturers (who hardly speak English) to produce quality furniture pieces based on my design. I had to embrace my limitations of using wood in my design. I made extra effort to understand characteristics of wood and how to manufacture it. Now, I am proud to present you the furniture I designed, manufactured and sold on Fabelio's catalogue!"

Lundy Pang Gin Keat

Business Information Technology
Intern at Medico

Immerse in culture.

"An opportunity to be offered an internship placement at a developing country does not come by easily. Keep an open mind - understand the culture, learn the language and be part of the key contribution in driving the product to success. That is when you truly discover yourself and your ability to adapt to uncertainty."

Michael Tristan San Juan

Business Studies
Intern at EV Hive

Grow, run, start!

"Startups in Indonesia grow exponentially in a short period of time, as I have seen with multiple companies residing within EV Hive. A trend I observed? They would cleverly place their main business in a major city like Jakarta, then deploy their resources/operating arms in different cities within Indonesia where expenses are significantly lower. This journey fueled my enthusiasm for a global career in the future. The opportunities for success should not be limited by geographic boundaries."

Tham Sheng Liang

Financial Informatics
Intern at Medico

Jack of all trades.

"Once, I was given a project where I was unfamiliar with the programming language. I quickly picked up self-help lessons and kept myself up to speed. I got the opportunity to be involved in a variety of work; from front-end website design, enhancing mobile application features, to back-end data analytics. It feels good knowing your opinions and suggestions matter, much more fulfilling when they are implemented! My advice? Make every day count. Tons of opportunities await those willing to take the initiative to grow with the company."

Lynette Lau

Business Studies
Intern at Grab Indonesia

"Interning in Grab Indonesia has been such an eventful experience. It has allowed me to gain so much knowledge with regards to analytics and operations, and given me the opportunity to work in over 10 cities in Indonesia. I was even allowed to lead projects, manage different cities, as well as propose and implement new strategies to smoothen operations."

Mohamed Kasshif Bin Mohamed Riaz

Business Studies
Intern at Kargo

A Holistic Experience

"Being the largest economy in Southeast Asia, the influence of Indonesia's startups cannot be overlooked. Living there for 6 months has allowed me to gain an insight with regards to the business environment and practices. Furthermore, working directly with my CEO cultivated my domain skills in various fields such as sales and marketing. As GEIP seeks to provide a holistic experience,I also got the opportunity to attend several language classes, talks and even networking events where I met many Indonesian and Singaporean entrepreneurs based in Jakarta!"

Kalpana Tasha Siva Kumar

Tourism and Resort Management
Intern at Medico

"This internship opportunity has been extremely fruitful and valuable. It has made me step out of my comfort zone and experience a different culture. I am really thankful to my colleagues and superiors for their warm hospitality. Although there were difficulties such as language barrier, they constantly guided and motivated me to strive harder. I feel that you should not underestimate yourself but always try to challenge your own potential. Indonesia is actually a huge and beautiful country so use the weekends wisely and explore different parts of it!"

What You Can Expect