Oriental Shanghai

Shanghai In A Second

Food Price of Big Mac: RMB 30.00 (est.)
Language Mandarin
Time Same time zone as Singapore
Currency Renminbi (RMB)
Essential Apps Messaging: WeChat
Shopping: Taobao
To Check Air Quality: Air Quality China
Getting around: Google Maps

Shanghai Footprints

Our interns have worked at these places in Shanghai:


What Our Interns Say About GEIP

Then Zhiwei

Business Studies
Intern at Mobike

"It is excellent here. At the same time, I am practicing my Mandarin. Work and studies have been great! I also received an opportunity to "take charge" of an event."

Cennic Chan

Business & Social Enterprise
Intern at Cialfo

"So far, I am doing great here and adapting well in Shanghai. Just met Stanley of Cialfo, and am learning and gaining a lot of exposure. I have also worked with international students for project work. All is good!"

Choo Yong Hao

Business & Social Enterprise
Intern at Hengyuan Finance

"Things are going well here in Shanghai. I have gotten used to the culture here and the company is good."

Choo Wei Xiang

Business Studies
Intern at Pegasus

"Shanghai is full of surprises and it can be quite different from what you expect. I came to Shanghai thinking that it would be exactly the same as how things were 5 years ago, but I was wrong. I believe that there are many things we can learn from China's growth."

Shermin Tan

Electrical Engineering
Intern at 86Links

"It is a fun and exciting place to go! Shanghai is not what everyone is expecting, it's really different here! Get to learn about the cultural differences and how the economy works when you start working here! Get to see how fast one company can be established in 6 months!"

What You Can Expect