Valley of Dreams:
Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley In A Second

Food Price of Big Mac: US$5.99 (est.)
Language English
Time 15 - 16 hours behind Singapore
Currency U.S. Dollars
Essential Apps Getting around: Google Maps
Transport: Uber/ Lyft
Food & Entertainment: Yelp

Valley Footprints

Our interns have worked at these places in Silicon Valley:

Biruni Design

Bringing electric bikes to the masses through design and affordability.


Leverages machine learning to turn big data into bio-surveillance.

Crucial Bits

Software technology company that is building innovative software products and delivers software engineering services.


Cybersecurity risk mitigation software powered by data science.


Re-imagining the management of enterprise applications to drive rapid incident resolution, minimize business disruptions and reduce IT operations costs.

Rental Roost

Helping you find your perfect home using search criteria that are important to you - walkability, kid-friendliness, pet-friendliness, proximity to public transportation, school district maps, zip codes, and nearby restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment.


Transforming customer success through marketing automation, campaign platforms and scalable enterprise cloud solutions.

What Our Interns Say About GEIP

Joshua Ow

Film, Sound & Video
Intern at 1Light Media

Be bold, go places.

"Through GEIP, I experienced a new culture, new work environments and in managing communication in a different country. I might not have been able to contribute so much as an intern if I had been in another programe. Most importantly I am encouraged, through the daring hearts of entrepreneurs that I can do anything at my age."

Tsai Renkun Lucas

Aerospace Electronics
Intern at Bitscopic

All about gratitude

"The whole internship was wonderful. I learnt to appreciate what singapore had to offer as I saw and spoke to many who are not as lucky. I came to realize the most important thing is family. They are the pillars in your life. I interned with Bitscopic, ready to learn and contribute to pushing the company forward. My bosses, Payam and Fashid are amazing. I am thankful they taught me many things about work and life, polishing my strengths and guiding me to learn new skills."

Taylor Tan

Business Studies
Intern at Rental Roost

Knowledge is power

"My GEIP experience in the Silicon Valley was life-changing. I was pushed out of my boundaries and achieved feats I never thought I could accomplish. As a marketing intern, I managed to learn and apply knowledge on social media marketing and search engine optimization. Along the way, I honed skills such as communication, design and analytics; and an insight on how a startup operates."

What You Can Expect